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Shore of a Silent Sea

The ocean turned to glass one night...

I am a hallucination.

abandoned cities, air, alice, androids, angel's egg, animal psychology, animals, animation, anime, anime music, art, artificial life, automatons, autumn, battle angel, beauty, beer, black holes, bunnies, cartoons, cats, clamp, communication, cryptozoology, cuteness, darkness, death, deconstructionism, deja vu, depression, direction, disincarnation, dolls, domestic cats, dreams, dysphoria, dystopia, earth, english, entheogens, eternity, eugenics, evangelion, evil, evolution, famine, fire, folk music, furry art, furry fiction, gaia online, gally, genetic engineering, ghibli, ghost stories, ghost towns, gravity, gunnm, hallucinatory sleep paralysis, haunted houses, haunting music, hesse, horror, hurricanes, images, imaginary people, industrial, introspection, isolation, jamais vu, japan, japanese culture, key the metal idol, language, laveyan satanism, learning, light, lightning, lovecraft, lsd, lycanthropy, magic the gathering, mandatory lawn-dart ownership, manga, masturbating, meditation, megafauna, memes, microfauna, miyazaki, monsters, music, myself, naturalism, neon genesis evangelion, night, not watching tv, nothingness, nuclear weapons, oshii, overpopulation, paranormal, pestilence, philosophy, pink floyd, poetry, population control, porn, precipitation, psychedelics, psychic phenomena, quiet, rain, reincarnation, robert johnson, role-playing, science fact, science fiction, self-actualization, sex dolls, skip james, smoking, snow, spring, starlight, storms, suicide, summer, supernatural phenomena, surrealism, takahata, the black city, the carbon cycle, three, time, time echoes, tool, tornados, tribal cultures, ugliness, war, water, white wolf, william s. burroughs, willpower, wind, winter, words, writing, zoology